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October 2006 Entries

Xbox Shoes

I'm slightly lost for words over these. They look kinda cheaply made, but I'm sure someone will be into them. There's plenty of puns you could make about Microsoft and Shoe ins, but I'll skip that.

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The truth about autosave in Lotus Notes

The truth about autosave in Lotus Notes

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GTD TiddlyWiki

I've written about TiddlyWiki and GTD TiddlyWiki before, but Lifehacker now has a recent post call Get organized with GTDTiddlyWiki which has more info for anyone interested in giving it a shot. Tags: TiddlyWiki, GTD

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Mmmm tasty

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A stuffed zombie bear!

Link: A stuffed zombie bear

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Another reason to not live on the North Shore

Mystery noise is a real humdinger.

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Fingerprint security

Slashdot on Fingerprint security

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Workplace Component Domino forms Beta v2

For all you Domino developers out there who were thinking you'd need to retrain into Workplace, or at least get used to Workplace Designer: You don't. Now you're going to become Component Designers. I don't want to design components. I want to design the whole widget.

posted @ Tuesday, October 10, 2006 7:47 PM | Feedback (0)

Purchases a plenty

Google buys YouTube for $1.65bn and Vodafone NZ moves into ISP game, buys iHug

posted @ Tuesday, October 10, 2006 4:37 PM | Feedback (0)

Amiga CEO interview

Amiga announced a few days ago that they had acquired the Indian company Ruksun Software Technologies, and renamed it Amiga Development India. How does this acquisition fit in with your overall strategy? A relatively big part of Ruksun seems to be fairly traditional consultants with Java and .Net experience. Will this part of their activities continue? This and more semi interesting things in the article. Actually that's not quite true, the guy simple avoids answering some of the questions, and gives short answers to the rest. The Amiga was a great piece of work in it's time, but that time...

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Cut, Paste, Win!

It seems that people have been overthinking things in the past when they tried to migrate away from Notes/Domino. They should have followed this simple recipe to leave Lotus Notes! Wow who'd have known! The author has obviously come from an environment where they've used the product as a simple dumping ground for data, and he's assumed that's all anyone is using it for. There are much nicer, and much easier ways to get your data out of a Notes database if that's what you want to do. Any Developer should be able to whip you up a few quick export...

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JavaScript: SelectedIndex VS selectedIndex

An important thing to remember when coding in JavaScript is the difference between: theElement.selectedIndex = selectedindex; vs theElement.selectedindex = selectedindex; Technorati tags: JavaScript

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BlogSphere v3

Version 3 of BlogSphere is looking very nice indeed. No ETA as yet, but a load of nice features and some slick looking skins.

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Slideshare: Youtube for Powerpoint

Slideshare does exactly what it says, allows you to share slides online. It's an idea which has a lot of commercial application for sharing and publising slideshows. It also has potential to save a lot of disk space for providers such as Gmail and Hotmail. If it's adopted by those who forward "amusing" Slideshows to 39483984 people, then we could cut down on disk space usage quite dramatically. Here's one from Ed Brill so you can see how the service works:

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Urinal Etiquette

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BlogSphere V3 - New Features So Far

BlogSphere V3 - New Features So Far

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