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November 2006 Entries

Gears of War TV/Theatre Ad

For anyone who hasn't seen anything about Gears of War yet, check out the Gears of War TV/Theatre Ad here, or alternatively you can download it from Xbox live. Incidentally, I overheard some kids on a train discussing how "lame" the game looked because of the simple fact that the trailer contained "classical music". I fear for the future of this world, I really do.

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From the department of redundant arguments

Q. Why does gaming suck on Linux? A. Who cares.

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Windows Shutdown Crapfest

The Windows Shutdown crapfest is an interesting insight into why Vista was delayed.

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I think Gears of War is pretty popular

As Gears Of War hits New Zealand stores today, Microsoft reveals the Xbox 360-exclusive title has already set new sales records around the world. The Xbox 360™ juggernaut has sold an impressive one million copies worldwide in just its first two weeks of release, making the game the fastest-selling title over a two-week period in 2006 and the fastest-selling original Xbox® game of all time. The battle continues to rage on Xbox Live® too, as more than 850,000 unique gamers have engaged in 10 million gameplay sessions while unlocking an impressive seven million Achievements. As well...

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For all you Vista performance tuning addicts out there

Windows Vista: Disabling Services Technorati tags: Microsoft, Windows

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Another one from the department of acronyms

RIP ILRTCG, long live ILSG is Volker taking a shot at IBMs department of acronyms. It'd be more amusing if it wasn't so easy! You do have to wonder where they come up with these weird and whacky names.. those crazy IBMers.

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Word of the Day: Notesbase

My friend Sonic tells the story of his word of the day:   Notesbase. -noun 1. A legacy system to store documents for easy search, access and retrieval NB: Not to be confused with Database Usage: Put this document in the Notesbase. The discussion started when the new helpdesk pleb asked me where a particular Notesbase was and I corrected him on his terminology. His team leader was listening in and immediately "corrected" my "misinformation". Because Notes apparently isn't a database, because Microsoft said so. I stated it was a database it just wasn't a relational one - to which I was retorted...

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Irish Style Flat Screen TV

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The IT Crowd DVD contains teh l33t subtitl3z tbh

The recently released IT Crowd DVD has subtitles in leet. Class. Via BoingBoing

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OpenNTF Mail Experience 7.0.2a Beta

The 7.0.2 release of the OpenNTF Mail Experience is out. The OpenNTF Mail template provides increased functionality and configurability over the default mail template, however my main criticism is that the UI has always looked like complete arse. That's still the case with this release. It seems that some people have differing opinions, however those people seem to think that a "Web 2.0 UI" means stealing a few colours from Flickr's colour palette. Interesting. The normal response from the Notes/Domino community here would be "lets see you do something better", and that's fair enough. Unfortunately, I don't have time to...

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Web 13.7

There's a comic about Web 3.0 over on Gaping void.. In the spirit of the comments, I should now talk about Web 3.0 through to Web 13.7 (not forgetting Web 9.0 along the way) in order to guarantee myself plenty of traffic come the next 10.8 or so iterations of the Web x lifecycle. See you in 2162 Andreas. Technorati tags: Web 13.7

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Fun with DOS!

I admit it, I still use a good old command prompt quite regularly. I didn't think there were many tricks to cmd.exe that I didn't know about, but apparently I was wrong. Turns out you can use F7 to get a session history of all the commands you've used.

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How much is your blog worth?


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Taskbar Shuffle

Taskbar Shuffle is a simple utility which allows you to do just that - shuffle your taskbar. Quite often when developing using a lot of open windows, I'll get used to windows being in the taskbar in a certain order. Occasionally that order can get interrupted, due to crashes or restarts, which is where Taskbar Shuffle comes in. I'd actually found a way to workaround it using Ultramon and multiple monitors, but the shuffle utility is a lot more convenient, as well as not requiring a second monitor.

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The Flight of the Kiwi

Via Knucklesandwich

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Mario in the world of GTA

You're not in Marioland now Dorothy.

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Ie7 Standalone

IE7 Standalone is a neat piece of hacking which allows you to run IE7 and IE6 on the same machine. Incredibly useful for developers who need access to multiple browsers without the need for virtual machines or multiple computers.

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A device created with me in mind

The Piet Hein Drink Cooler is perfect for people who enjoy their spirits straight, and cold, and don't like the way ice waters them down. It's filed under gadgets as it's stocked by ThinkGeek, but really it's more than a gadget. I like how it's been filed under "Home Office" on their site. I'd love to work at an office stocked with a decent spirits cabinet.

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Design and Airplane using pen and paper

Sol Geduld Notebook #1 is a handwritten notebook which was created 60 years ago using a fountain pen. Seeing aircraft design performed using pen and paper is pretty mindblowing, both in terms of how far we've come with technology, and conversely how crippled we are now due to our dependance on it.

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"Paste As Text" in Notes

Anti-Peeve Utility: Shortcut key for "Paste As Text" is a small Windows utility which will remove any formatting of objects in your clipboard. This is something which is pretty frustrating when using a Notes client and copying rich content from other sources, and I've found that I can't use the "Paste Special" option as it's always greyed out when copying html. Typically I'll actually open Notepad, paste into there, copy it, and paste it into Notes. It's quite ridiculous how fast I can do this now: Highlight source text, ctrl-insert to copy, windows+r (or windows+space to start launchy), notepad.exe (or with...

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Notes users: Do you use a right double click to close a window?

Over at the Developerworks blog, Mary Beth is talking about dropping this feature in Hannover. This is a feature that a lot of people are obviously pretty passionate about. Meanwhile, Ed reveals that Hannover uses IE for rendering of it's HTML email.

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Ninety-Nine Nights Tips and Tricks

Ninety-Nine Nights didn't get spectacular reviews, and it was criticised for it's overly repetitive gameplay, however as a hack and slash romp it's quite a lot of fun. In my exceedingly humble opinion, there are only four things you could possibly want a bit of help/advice with in order to finish the game and get the full 1000 points worth of achievements. 1. Inphyy's Special mission The King of Nights isn't easy, but he's not hard either. There are just a couple of little tricks to beating him. The first thing to notice is that he only takes damage...

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The Great British Venn Diagram

Link: The Great British Venn Diagram

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Dropping the addiction that is IRC

No, not me. But some other guy. After reading the post, it strikes me that he'd get a lot more done in his life if he spent less time switching operating systems and more time actually using them to do something. Anyway, good luck, but you know you're just going to find something equally as addictive and possibly worse for you to fill the gaping hole in your life that is going to be left.

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Pumpkins ftw

Around this time of year, Americans spend time trying to do funny things with pumpkins. A lot of these end up on teh intertron, as you might expect. Some are themed, and some are random, however so far this year there's only one which has made me laugh. The ebola pumpkin:

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Hot Library Smut

I have a confession to make. I used to be a librarian. There, I said it. So when I saw photos tagged "hot library smut" floating around, I was captivated. It's basically a series of photos of amazing libraries (not librarians, sorry), but they're all pretty awe inspiring (not that the Auckland public library wasn't awe inspiring, of course..). Link: Hot Library Smut

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Crystal Clear iPod case

There's something about "iPod Mod" which sounds stupid. The iVue Crystal Case however, is not stupid. It's very cool indeed. Cases for video iPods and Nanos are expected before the end of the year. Via kblog Tags: iPod

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The Seven Phases of Owning an iPod

The Seven Phases of Owning an iPod - An Illustrated Journey. I've never lost an iPod yet, so I can skip that phase, but the rest are all relevant unfortunately.

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Site Update

I've finished an update to the site design. The old design was pretty old and tired, and the HTML was awful. I've been meaning to spruce things up around here a bit, but have struggled to find the time recently, so it's nice to finally finish this and get it live - even if it has been a bit rushed. I ended up having to change a lot more of the behind the scenes workings of the site than I originally intended to, so I may have broken stuff. If you see anything which seems broken, please document.write("drop me a...

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About Merauderweb

Since around 2000, Merauderweb has existed in some form or another. The current incarnation of Merauderweb is a tumble style site, covering subjects which happen to strangely co-incide with some of my interests: ASP.NET, C#, Visual Studio, Lotus Notes/Domino, Gaming, MMORPGs, Rugby, and much more. History Merauderweb started as a place for me to store a few online tools I wrote for the browser based strategy game Planetarion many years ago. From there the site turned into a place to store a few photos, and a Sandbox to experiment with a few techniques in Domino web development. From there, it slowly morphed...

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