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The great Notes/Domino Admin Survey of 2007

2007 Domino Administration Survey - just print it off, write on it, and post it back to IBM! Or you could scan your printed copy and email it to them. Ever heard of a web form guys?Technorati tags: Notes, Domino

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One of the best looking media PC cases I've seen

The Origen S21T has to be one of the nicest looking cases I've seen so far. The 12.1" screen mounted on the front of the device definately helps.

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Vanguard SoH: No more official forums

Vanguard Saga of Heroes, which goes live some time later this month has taken an interesting choice regarding their Community Forums. Quite simply, they've closed them, and stated that the community should all pick fan-operated forum sites to use instead. It's an interesting decision, I'll certainly be keeping an eye on how it plays out for them. Knowing how previous SOE forum admins have operated, you're much better off staying away from any of their 'official' forums anyway. The Freedom to Choose: Vanguard Fan Sites Tags: MMORPG, Gaming

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28 hours later, Warcraft gets its first Level 70

28 hours later, Warcraft gets its first Level 70 Technorati tags: WoW, Gaming, MMORPG

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It's all a matter of perception

Ed says: I've had one report this morning that IE7 isn't working with LS online -- does anyone else see that? I like how it's IE7 that isn't working with LS online, and not the other way around ;)Technorati tags: IBM, Notes, Domino

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iPhone blah blah blah

The iPhone looks very sexeh indeed. There's nothing more I can really add to the fray of people already talking about it, but I did want to comment on something I found rather amusing. While watching the news last night, they showed a clip from ABC (I think) - it had this great shot of reports/media people crowded around a prototype iPhone in a glass case, taking photos of it with their cameras or (more commonly) with their existing cameraphones. There was something incredibly comical about people pointing their cellphones at this glass encased mobile phone god. It looked like...

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Could this be the most pointless price reduction ever?

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Immolate me Elmo

Immolate me Elmo is a disturbingly amusing video of a tickle me Elmo which has been set on fire. The video shows him writhing around in flame screaming "Stop! Stop!". Not for small children I suspect.

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Why people believe Americans are stupid

Why people believe Americans are stupid

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50 Beautiful CSS-Based Web-Designs in 2006

SmashingMagazine.com has a great list of 50 Beautiful CSS-Based Web-Designs in 2006. Some cool stuff in there, including the first site listed, which was done by my good friend Stevegan. Link: SteveLeggat.com

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BlackBerry 8800 advance pictures

Some leaked photos of the Blackberry 8800 here. Personally I'm glad they've gone back to the wider PDA style design with a full qwerty keyboard. A lot of fanboys fell in love with the design of the Pearl, but to me the main drawcard of a blackberry has always been the designs which feature the qwerty layout.

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Merauderweb.com hijacked for spam

The large number of delivery failure messages in my inbox at the moment tell me that some fucker has started using *@merauderweb.com addresses in the from field of their little operation. If you've come to this site because you received a spam like message, then I'm sorry - it wasn't from me. It's rather messed up that a from address is so easy to forge these days, there really is nothing I can do in this situation other than destroy the catchall mailbox on my domain and /shrug.

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