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April 2007 Entries

Nazi Robot Attack!

Nazi Robot Attack is a CGI style video depicting how World War 2 might have looked if both sides were commmanding giant AI powered mechs.

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New PA WoW Shirt

Penny Arcade have a new shirt aimed at hardcore WoW fans. Did you install BC and then immediately start replacing your purples with greens that dropped off bullshit trash mobs? Do you even have any idea what I just said? If you answered yes to both of those then you might like our new shirt. When I installed BC it didn't take long before I started to feel very sorry for anyone who spent a lot of time raiding or PvPing to get high end level 60 gear, seeing as BC suddenly introduced much better green items...

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Who should fire your managers?

You should. Traditional thinking might have convinced you that upper management should take that role, but the fact is that they're too busy forwarding joke emails or learning to type to perform that function. (Extra for experts - who should fire managers/employees in New Zealand? Answer: No one! Tthe writers of the Employment Contracts Act clearly don't want anyone to be fired in this country, no matter how incompetent they are. Hire with care people, it's a jungle out there)

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Alternative to what?

I'm looking at the last.fm popular tags listing, and thinking about what an incredibly stupid term 'alternative' is these days. Consider the fact that if you combine 'alternative' and 'alternative rock' (and maybe even 'indie' and indie pop') you have something which is clearly the most popular genre across last.fm. So what is 'alternative' an alternative to exactly? Too many people watched High Fidelity and decided they liked the idea of liking exclusive music, despite having mainstream tastes. It's time to step up and be different, just like everybody else!

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Good advice for all developers

Good advice indeed.

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The Dangers of World of Warcraft!

John and Mary in a World of Warcraft comic. Technorati tags: WoW, Web Comics

posted @ Monday, April 16, 2007 6:48 PM | Feedback (0)

360 IM Controller

Following their announcement of bringing MSN Messenger to the Xbox 360, I finally saw the "IM Controller" addon that they're offering. All I can say is 'ugh'. Thankfully you've always been able to just plug in a USB Keyboard, so this thing is optional (read: suitable for 12 year old AOLers). Technorati tags: Microsoft, Xbox 360

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SQL on Rails

I'm betting my future on this. Join me in this bold new journey.

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World of Whorecraft

WTB 1 x SEX0R PSTTechnorati tags: WoW

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Linux Nethack bootdisk

NetHack linux bootable floppy disk. For the 3 people out there who still have floppy drives. Bonus points go to whoever spots the movie reference in the domain name, and can spout the largest number of trivia items from said movie. Technorati tags: Linux

posted @ Sunday, April 8, 2007 8:19 PM | Feedback (0)

Dell XPS M2010

Looks like Dell is taking the term 'desktop replacement' to another level with this beast. It's basically a 'semi mobile' (ie, weights 20lbs) portable computer. Interesting idea, which might suit some people very well - for most, it's just going to be a heavy laptop.Technorati tags: Dell

posted @ Thursday, April 5, 2007 4:08 PM | Feedback (0)


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