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June 2007 Entries

Windows Live Folders

Windows Live Folders sound pretty handy, however I'm not sure if I'd ever find a use for them. I'll sure try and think of one though. An interesting side point is the way they describe their compatiability:   Folders work well on any Windows or Macintosh computer with Firefox 1.5 or higher, or Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. Interesting that they've listed Firefox before IE there. Unfortunately, the beta isn't available in 'my region'. The beta is limited at the moment and will be expanding over the next few months - more info available on the team blog. Technorati tags: Microsoft

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Do you feel old now?

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(you'll get it, or you wont) Technorati tags: lolcats

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Place near bottomless pit etc

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Nice computer you've got there..

Original source

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Implementing Silverlight in 21 days

The mono team discusses the work they did in order to implement Silverlight for Linux (which they've named 'Moonlight') in 21 days. I suspect much pizza was consumed during this time.Technorati tags: Microsoft, Silverlight

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AJAX Collapsible InfoPanel/Accordian control

Collapsible InfoPanel/Accordian is pretty much what it sounds like. Based on the extJS framework. Without being too negative, is it just me, or does the whole of extJS look incredibly ugly? Maybe it's a framework that puts functionality above aesthetics, but all their demo sites look the same - blue, boring, and as if they desperately want to be windows applications.Technorati tags: Ajax, extJS

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Nokia E90 Communicator

I've always wanted to want one of the Nokia Communicator phones. That sounds like a stupid statement, and perhaps it is. However as a self confessed gadget junkie I know that it makes some sort of sense to me. The Communicators have always represented a sort of an elite statement in phones - they've always been so large in size that it really shows a huge commitment to wanting a smartphone to own one. The thing is that for my needs they were always lacking in one or two areas. The E90 looks like it could finally be the model...

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FancyUpload is a widget based on Swf and Ajax (custom, with mootools dependancies). It looks pretty slick. I've got a project in the works which might benefit from it greatly, so I'll find out soon how easy it is to integrate into an ASP.NET application (samples on the website are all for php, but it has no serverside dependancies). Tags: Ajax, JavaScript

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Font smoothing, anti-aliasing, and sub-pixel rendering

Font smoothing, anti-aliasing, and sub-pixel rendering - for anyone who recently installed Safari on Windows and simply thought "Hmm it looks different without Cleartype".Technorati tags: Safari, Apple

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Ajax Feed Reader

This is an online demo of a fullish looking Ajax feed reader based around the extjs framework. Not the sort of thing that will appeal to everyone, but it has uses for certain people (possibly travellers without laptops, or people who work across multiple different PCs).Technorati tags: Ajax

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Porcelin Roadmap

It might just be me, I'm a bit tired right now - does this roadmap image conjure up make you think of something swirling down the toilet? Technorati tags: Notes, Domino, Lotus

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