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Unsolved Mysteries RRUUMIX!

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I can't think of an appropriately amusing piece of intro text for this.. so check out 1-click and write your own!

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The return of peering in New Zealand?

Telecom’s regional peering point plan gets thumbs-up A Telecom proposal to set up 29 regional peering points — to keep local internet traffic as close to home as possible — has got the thumbs-up, after being fleshed-out by Telecom’s wholesale division. I guess peering becomes interesting again when their network starts to shudder under increased loading.. however I'll take an improved NZ network any way it comes.

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Lotus Notes on Citrix or Windows Terminal Services

Some info, discussion and links for anyone looking to run Lotus Notes on Citrix or WTS, from vowe.net. I'm partly posting this here so I can find it later, as a potential client was making noises months back about possibly wanting to run Notes 8 on Citrix..

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A product that sells itself through it's name alone!

May I present to you, the Ninjaclava! If the name alone doesn't make you want one, maybe the photo will convince you:  

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It WOULD be awesome!

He's right, it would be awesome!

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The lolcat bible

"in ur bible, inventing ur god etc"

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That's a lot of Notes/Domino related posts in a row. To mix it up, here's a lolcat.  

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Password Exposure in Lotus Notes

Ed Brill updates the community on the Notes password exposure issue.. however, isn't it amusing when grown men play little games in between the lines of blog postings? The old debate of "Should people blog about security vulnerabilities" is getting pretty old now. If one blogger knows about it, then chances are many other people do too. Lets all keep quiet and ignore it shall we? Wooo, sounds good to me. Yes, posting things publically might be considered alarmist by some, but it really does force vendors to take action quickly. Given IBMs past history of listening to customers, can you...

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Interesting Notes security hole..

Vowe dot net talks about an interesting security hole in Notes. In other applications it might not be so interesting, but for an application which has a slightly holier than thou attitude when it comes to security.. it's different. Even if you don't find the post interesting, you get to play "spot the rabid IBM fanboi" in the comments, which is always fun.

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The ultimate in iPod and iPhone security

Want to make sure your iPod isn't stolen? Simple! Disguise it as a Zune!

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Linux Killer! Die die die!

Notes/Domino 8 is a killer Linux application! I admit, I only read the article because I misread it and thought it was a 'Linux Killer'.. my bad.. Technorati tags: Lotus, Notes, Non Infectious Virus

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Lotus Viral Marketing

The Lotus Viral Marketing presents a new approach to viral advertising.  Wikipedia says that Viral marketing and viral advertising refer to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness, however I guess if that doesn't work out for you then you could simply create a quick website that looks like absolute rubbish, throw up a quick couple of posts, and then let it stagnate and die (remember The Worst Practices anyone?). Yeah, that works too! Viral baby! It's so Web 2.0! I'm not claiming I'm any sort of design genius when it comes to website design -...

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What is Web 2.0?

Ten answers to the un-answerable question: “what is Web 2.0?”

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Letterman Primes his Optimus

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Dangerous Java flaw threatens virtually everything

Worth reading for the sensationalist headline alone! Link: Dangerous Java flaw threatens virtually everything

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Will it iBlend?

  "Everybody knows that the iPhone can make phone calls, play movies & music, surf the web, and a lot more. But, Will It Blend? That is the question."   Spoiler warning: YES! IT BLENDS!   Technorati tags: Blendtec, Apple, iPhone

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Desktop Wallpapers

A couple of quick links to some wallpapers: shawnblanc.net: 10 Awesome Hi-Resolution Desktop Wallpapers - exactly what it sounds like. Apple Evolution - a wallpaper containing images of Apple designs from 1976 through to now.

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Wii Guitar Hero 3 Controller - first pictures

  I like the shape (which is based on a Gibson Les Paul shape, like the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions).

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Merauderweb is now live on Subtext!

For the past 6 years this site has been running on various versions of my own custom written Domino based system. Back in around 2000 when I started there weren't a lot of choices out there for personal web publishing systems. Now there are many, and in upgrading to Subtext I feel like I've got a lot of nice new features (including the ability to use Windows Live Writer, which I'm using to post this right now). It also means I now have one less thing residing on a Domino server - the decomissioning date for that server looms closer each day! However,...

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Don't click it!

I don't know how recent this is, but Don't Click It is an interesting experiment in user interface design. Their demo site shows it working pretty well, but it also gives you a glimpse into considering times when it wouldn't be at all applicable. Interesting either way.

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Stupidity Tax

We all pay Stupidity Tax in one way or another, however until now some of us might not have known exactly what to call it.

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Crap beer. Great ads.

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Rock Band Footage

After playing a lot of Guitar Hero 2 on Xbox 360 lately, it's good to see the first footage of Rock Band being posted: It looks awesome, however finding someone with the drums, the guitar, the bass and the mic, and then finding a room big enough to set it all up in, and finally agreeing on who plays what is going to be... ...well, just like being in a band? Technorati tags: Xbox 360, Guitar Hero

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How Seagate learned to package

How Seagate learned to package like Apple I really do want to go out and buy one of these now. I like the sticker that says "Hello" - some of the personalisation phrasing that Apple does around iPods is subtle, but effective. it was only a matter of time before other companies started to pick up on that (however I don't know if I'd have picked Seagate as being one of those).

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iPhone root password cracked in three days. I like the thought that the passwords were "intentionally included to throw hackers off the scent". Apple users pretty much live in a permanent state of being afraid that their machines will become insecure one day. I guess that's because it would kill 50% of their source material for advertising campaigns. "Buy a Mac - because I was in Die Hard!"Technorati tags: Apple, iPwned

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The “Project Zero FAQ” FAQ

Mark Pilgrim: 1, IBM: 0 The “Project Zero FAQ” FAQ (PS, nice URL!) Technorati tags: IBM

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