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Java needs an overhaul

Russell Beattie talks about Java's requirement for an overhaul. Interesting reading (if you're the sort of sad git who enjoys reading about programming languages).   Tags: Java

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Will Wheaton's PAX Keynote Address

  "MY NAME IS WIL WHEATON, AND JACK THOMPSON CAN SUCK MY BALLS." I have to say, I never realised he was such an avid gamer. He also speaks well, and leads everyone on his own personal trip down gamers memory lane. Well worth a listen if you're into gaming nostalgia. Wil Wheaton Keynote Address @ PAX 07   Tags: PAX, Gaming

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How to fix the 3007fpw -> Xbox connectivity issue

  Oh, and add one HDMI -> DVI Converter of course. Tempting.

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Vertical Centering with a Floated Shim

Sounds fun huh? Maybe not. But it's likely to be useful for anyone who works with HTML/CSS. Vertical Centering with a Floated Shim   Tags: Web Development, HTML, CSS

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Tumblelogs get media hype

Are Tumblelogs the next big thing? My take on it is that when they're done right they're a useful source of information and aggregation - just like well done weblogs.  

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Arsebook is an anti-social utility that connects you with the people YOU HATE. "upload blackmail material or publish lies • get the latest gossip from your fiends • post videos on your profile • tag your fiends • use privacy settings to hide your info from enemies • join a hate-clan to disturb people who live, study, or work around you" Simply awesome.   Tags: Facebook

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When office meetings mirror Internet forums...

...people get hurt. I think these office drones spent time on the SWG forums!   Tags: Pwnage

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The Great Escape

posted @ Monday, August 20, 2007 8:50 AM | Feedback (0)

"The possibilities are almost endless"

Read about how Domino Developers try their hardest to make LotusScript feel like a real grown up programming language. Read as BLoGoSPHeRe legends chip in attempt to apply a 3 tier architecture to a Domino database! Laughs and chuckles all around, and it's not even April the 1st! A+++++++ would laugh again!

posted @ Friday, August 17, 2007 11:02 PM | Feedback (1)

Notes/Domino R8 release date announced

First, the positive stuff (for people who care about Notes/Domino). Your release date for Notes/Domino 8  has been announced. Like what I did there? Starbucks do it too. You don't order "coffee" or "a coffee" from Starbucks, you go there to be united with "your coffee". And in this case, it's your release date! Congratulations are due to the team at IBM who have obviously been working hard to try and get it out the door in a timeframe close to what they promised. The negative stuff - you knew it was coming! What the hell is it with IBM and...

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Lets write an entire Domino site using WQO agents!

In this post, Codestoreboy talks about WQO agents (Web Query Open agents) in Domino, and using them to write standards compliant HTML (which is quite annoying hard painful a challenge in Domino). The scary part is mentioning people who've written entire sites using this technique.. and I believe those people are out there. For the .NET people out there, it's the equivalent of writing an entire website using Response.Write calls only - nothing else. Neat huh? An you do this simply because your webserver, which is written by a pretty large (but irrelevant) company who's pretty vocal in the world...

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Fake Steve exposed

Fake Steve has been exposed. However the best takeaway from the article is the word 'freetards', used to describe Open Source zealots. Fake Steve owns.

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OH HAI, take 10 etc

Fractal Cat... is, well, a fractal etc.

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Vista Performance Tip

OH HAI, it's a Vista Performance Tip. I got quite excited when I saw this title pop up in my RSS reader, because my Vista based work rig runs incredibly sluggishly for a well specced box, and I'd hoped to tweak it into performing properly (note: simply turning off everything aero related doesn't sound here). Anyroad, the tip seems to be fixing a problem I've not encountered, however it might be worth remembering or applying.. or maybe I should just go back to XP.. /shrug

posted @ Friday, August 3, 2007 10:37 PM | Feedback (0)

DHTML Arkanoid

Recent posts named this as 'iPhone Arkanoid' because it's recently been updated to work with the iPhone. However, without mentioning iAnything, DHTML Arkanoid is an incredibly impressive rendition of the Arcade classic. The mouse actually works quite well as a controller in a browser context. Prior to this, the best non-arcade Arkanoid experience I'd ever had was on my old Commodore 64 using a paddle controller.  

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Create Outlook contacts from Facebook

Fonebook allows you to Sync your Outlook contacts with Facebook. It's distributed as a MSI, and apparently has issues if you have more than 600 friends. Tags: Facebook

posted @ Wednesday, August 1, 2007 10:44 PM | Feedback (2)

New word of the day: Vegansexual

Carnivore sex is off the menu! Technorati tags: Vegan

posted @ Wednesday, August 1, 2007 7:34 AM | Feedback (1)


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