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Lets write an entire Domino site using WQO agents!

In this post, Codestoreboy talks about WQO agents (Web Query Open agents) in Domino, and using them to write standards compliant HTML (which is quite annoying hard painful a challenge in Domino).

The scary part is mentioning people who've written entire sites using this technique.. and I believe those people are out there. For the .NET people out there, it's the equivalent of writing an entire website using Response.Write calls only - nothing else. Neat huh?

An you do this simply because your webserver, which is written by a pretty large (but irrelevant) company who's pretty vocal in the world of "standards", can't produce valid HTML. Aint irony neat.

Mind you, HTML is pretty new, and IBM has never been that agile. I guess you have to expect them to take a bit longer to catch up with things. After all, they are the company who invented NO DEMAND computing.


Note: To some people, notably some awesome architects out there, they're called '"agents" aka scripts'. Even though they're not scripts. Awesome.

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