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Notes/Domino R8 release date announced

First, the positive stuff (for people who care about Notes/Domino). Your release date for Notes/Domino 8  has been announced. Like what I did there? Starbucks do it too. You don't order "coffee" or "a coffee" from Starbucks, you go there to be united with "your coffee". And in this case, it's your release date! Congratulations are due to the team at IBM who have obviously been working hard to try and get it out the door in a timeframe close to what they promised.

The negative stuff - you knew it was coming! What the hell is it with IBM and URLs? I understand that sometimes nice short names like "notes8_release_info.html" aren't always possible. Sometimes you have to use longer identifiers, such as a GUID or something similar, and sometimes you even have to spend some money and register a new domain name (but only for the products that you really care about, coz domains are like real expensive you know.. even subdomains because they take so much time to setup, right?). There really isn't any excuse for something this hideous:


Hell, why not take it one step further and just put the entire press release text into the location bar and be done with it!

IBM really have a magical touch with these press releases. They manage to make them so stale, uninteresting, and filled with words that it'd be hard for anyone else to decipher what's going on. There's heaps of "blogosphere" buzz and interest going on for this release. People are genuinely excited and filled with anticipation, but you read that press release and it sounds like a corporate apologising via their lawyers for spilling oil in the ocean and killing thousands of rare duck typed pectoral irish penguins, or something like that.

Here's a tip for the marketing department when trying to answer the question "When is my press release too long?". The answer is "WHEN IT NEEDS IT'S OWN TABLE OF CONTENTS!". Do you really want to list all the part numbers for every release in every language in the same place that you're trying to use to get people hyped and interested?

Anywho, enough already..

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