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January 2008 Entries

Grey Lynn street sign

Grey Lynn street sign Originally uploaded by nzdannews Nice to see some creative and amusing vandalism hard at work in Auckland's suburb of Grey Lynn. Pity about the tagging below on the '20kph' sign, it detracts from the effect a bit.

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IBM delays Lotus Notes for iPhone, users "too hip and cool"

IBM delays Lotus Notes for iPhone, users "too hip and cool" The quote "I can't really imagine someone who's really hip and cool -- like an iPhone user -- wanting to use Lotus Notes" is quite amusing. Tags: Apple , IBM

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Don't like Vista?

Help save Windows XP! (No Japanese or Norwegian whalers were harmed in the making of that petition)

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Streetfighter 4 preview pics

Shacknews has recently posted some preview images of Streetfighter IV for the Xbox 360. You can't deny the images look pretty slick, however some of the screenshots lot better than others in my opinion. The high def Hadoken looks tempting, while Ken's kick below it looks kind of awkward (the images on Shacknews are much larger).   Tags: Gaming , Streetfighter

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His Open Wireless Network

My Open Wireless Network is a quick opinion piece on why Bruce Schneier leaves his wireless network unprotected. He says it's politeness. I suspect he might end up feeling less polite if he lived in New Zealand and had to pay for his excess data traffic per Mb Tags: Utopian Ideals

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More Windows Home Server development Links

We Got Served - The Windows Home Server Site Add-In: WHS Disk Management (Developed by Sam Wood) Windows Home Server Forums (Yay forums - read people bitching, join in yourself and bitch too!) Tags: Microsoft , Windows Home Server

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Learn to bat with Chris Martin

For me, one of the highlights of the 2nd test between New Zealand and Bangladesh was Chris Martin's innings of 0 not out. The last part of that has to make it pretty high up in his list of top innings. The crowd were cheering him for every ball, and he really seemed to be enjoying it out there. Here's a short video for those who were watching the innings and wondered what all the fuss was about:

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First Techlust of 2008

Mmm, this curved Alienware 2880x900 monitor which was recently shown at CES is officially the first tech item I'm lusting after in 2008. It has a couple of downsides - 900 pixels isn't really too high, and the amount of real estate it's going to take up on your desktop is pretty insane. Still, it looks pretty damn cool to me. Via Gizmodo   Tags: Alienware , Gadgets

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Windows Home Server Development

Some Windows Home Server Development Tips for any WHS users keen to customise their personal home server experience.

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