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Jegervideo på YouTube kan gi seks års fengsel

Jegervideo på YouTube kan gi seks års fengsel – updates regarding my other secret mission in Norway ;)

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Evom for OSX converts videos for your mobile device + grabs audio from youtube

Useful to know.

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It’s a good day when people queue to give you money

C.R.E.A.M – the answer to Blizzard’s little test to see if people would pay them money for items seems to be a resounding “yes”. $600,000 worth of people in the queue at the time of that post, that’s pretty staggering. Tags: WoW

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Spotify’s ‘massive’ revamp

Spotify promises 'massive' revamp – some of the changes sound good, but the UI feels a bit clunky and unfinished. The lack of integration with anything other than Facebook (last.fm is supported, but that was there in the previous version) is a bit disappointing – not even any twitter integration! But still, I’m really liking Spotify right now. The ability to use it to play local mp3s is quite welcomed - some people might not care, and certainly on some of my machines neither do I – but on some I do! However the main reason I’m liking it...

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“iPhone blogger” pwned

iPhone blogger has computers seized by police – what’s an iPhone blogger? Someone who blogs on an iPhone? The article is quite funny – Gizmodo sound very angry that their rights have been violated, and seem to ignore the fact that they paid an employee to smuggle out a piece of prototype technology. Oh, and by the way: A recent study by PRWeek and PRNewswire found that 52% of bloggers consider themselves journalists. I’m not in that 52%!

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Has Steve Jobs gone mad?

Has Steve Jobs gone mad? I think it’s a trick question, but you can form your own conclusion. Either way a reduction in the range of development tools for any platform can only be a bad thing. Tags: Apple

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Amazing iPad functionality

Spoiler: yes, it blends.

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DamienG’s top 5 VS 2010 extension picks

My top 5 free VS 2010 extension picks Interesting to note that: The Visual Studio Gallery is already home to 533 tools, controls and templates for VS 2010 and this number is sure to grow once VS 2010 hits RTM and people get to grips with the extendable new editor. 533 already, and it's still in RC. Nice. Tags: Visual Studio, Microsoft

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Track outbound clicks with Google Analytics and jQuery

Sorry if I blogged this already, it struck me as something that might be a useful link to hang onto: Track outbound clicks with Google Analytics and jQuery Tags: jQuery

posted @ Friday, April 2, 2010 3:51 PM | Feedback (0)


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