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NZ roads – bring on the chaos!

'Confusing' give way rules to change – this should be fun! Of course if you live in Auckland then you’re exempt from this change, because you’re exempt from all traffic laws anyway right? Tags: NZ

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Windows Live (formerly MSN) Spaces Closing

MSN Spaces Closing - becomes wp.com – while Spaces did give some interesting options in terms of integration with the other ‘Live’ platform services, it never really felt like it had a lot of polish, or that it fit in too well with what Live was doing. Closing it down and migrating customers over to Wordpress seems to make sense. There’s some interesting and exciting things going on under the ‘Live’ umbrella at the moment, and hopefully not having to focus on a blogging platform is a way to give them more resources to focus on other things. As...

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The No. 1 Habit of Highly Creative People

The No. 1 Habit of Highly Creative People – solitude. As well as a lot of focus on removing distractions. Interestingly the #2 habit seems to be socialisation/participation in things, isn’t irony a bitch?

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10 red flags that shout 'Stay away from this project!'

The list is a little over simplified, and some of these items are things which you can’t really check until the project is underway, but 10 red flags that shout 'Stay away from this project!' is still worth a read. TODO: Turn this into a pre project acceptance checklist that actually provides some value to both parties.

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Is the web dead? Blah blah woof woof

The post “Is the Web really dead? No way!” is a follow up to a Wired article, which I haven’t read. However! I think the graph he links in his response post showing traffic proportions is pretty interesting. I knew video use was increasing, but to see it graphed like that stands out loud and clear.

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Genius minds of our modern world: 50 Cent

  Can't argue with the logic though.

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Regrets of the dying

Five regrets of the dying – thought provoking.

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Samsung MD230X3 and MD230X6 multi displays are a logical next step for a self confessed multiple monitor addict like me. I bet Al Gore has a load of them ordered already. Tags: Gadgets

posted @ Thursday, September 2, 2010 7:51 PM | Feedback (0)


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