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Things real people don’t say about advertising

Although the joke’s on me.. because I actually do use this phase. Here's another, although I don’t use that one.

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Letters of note–The Tiger Oil memos

The Tiger Oil memos – my new goal in life is to write memos like this guy. From the offices of the now-defunct but at one time Houston-based Tiger Oil Company come a total of 22 enormously entertaining memos; all sent by, or on behalf of, the firm's incredibly amusing, painfully tactless, and seemingly constantly angry CEO - Edward 'Tiger Mike' Davis - to his staff

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URL design

URL design is indeed a subtle science, but it’s one that pays off. An interesting read for anyone who’s put any amount of thought into creating human readable URLs – or for those who haven’t.

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1,700 foot high work commute

I’ve mentioned this video to a few people before, but “The scariest video you have ever watched in the name of science” shows that you really need to stop and think before you complain about your commute to work. I can’t work out if this video is worse for people who have done rock climbing as a sport, or for non rock climbers. If you’re comfortable with heights and have dealt with the gear then it hits home ever harder as to what this must be like to deal with. I’m sure you get more and more used to...

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A Twitter epitah

A Twitter epitah – isn’t it telling that our current social media habits are so easy to make fun of? Mmm.

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How to Install XBMC on Your Apple TV 2

How to Install XBMC on Your Apple TV 2 – a handy way to get a cheap and stylish media player. Tags: Apple

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Precorder for iPhone

Precorder for iPhone is one of those apps which is pretty obvious and simple when you think about it. It adds automatic buffering to the camera app, reducing the chance of you missing the moments you actually want to capture. Very handy. As an additional bonus it means you don’t have to worry about starting the camera and not realising it’s in video mode, and taking a 1-2 second video instead of a photo. Not that it’s ever happened to me of course… ahem. Tags: iPhone

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…and another.

Thanks Rhidian!

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Why we all need to quit facebook

Runt of the web: Why I Need To Quit Facebook – so fucking true.

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Little List

Little List is the littlest GTD app in the app store. It sounded like something I’d like, however it turns out I need a couple more features in my GTD apps. It’s a great concept, but it’s just a tiny bit too sparse for me. Tags: iPhone

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“Six capabilities of a development platform that deliver a greater return on investment”

Who says IBM isn’t capable of coming up with catchy titles for things? That one’s a winner. Six capabilities of a development platform that deliver a greater return on investment – it’s about Lotus Domino, but it takes quite some time before that’s mentioned anywhere. IBM are funny.

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DisplayPad’s tag is “The Smoothest way to Extend your Mac Desktop”, and when you look at it you think it’s pretty cool – which it is! However then you stop and think that “Synergy” has been around for many many years, and you realise something like this should have come along much much sooner. Still, it’s nice to know there’s a backup plan for the V1 iPads when the V2 devices get released.

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How to suck at Facebook

How to suck at Facebook – could easily be renamed “Facebook”. So accurate. PORK KNIGHTS!

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CardSharp from Iain Sinclair is a superlight and supersharp utility knife, the same size as a credit card.

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