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February 2011 Entries

Microsoft welcomes XBox Kinect 'hackers'

Microsoft welcomes XBox Kinect 'hackers' – hopefully a trend that will continue. People using the Kinect controller for weird and wonderful unintended uses can only be a good thing (well, probably), and Microsoft endorsing it fully is a positive approach. Of course they could be doing it just to appear to be taking the opposite stance of Sony in their recent anti modding firmware, but whatever the reason it’s a great move.

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Duke Nukem Forever trailer

Duke Nukem Forever Reveal Trailer – a trailer with so many opportunities to poke fun at itself, and it doesn’t pass them up. Here’s hoping the gameplay can live up to 12 years of hype and bad jokes, and doesn’t just appeal to people such as myself who remember setting up IPX/SPX networks over coax cable in order to play Duke Nukem 3d multiplayer. Wow that makes me sound old when I write it like that.

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The “best” of sexual harassment stock photography

As in the title – interesting.. where would you use stock photos like these?

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