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The Mountain

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

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2 x Dropbox links

2 Dropbox related links at opposite ends of the spectrum. First, The Top 10 Best Dropbox Services, Addons and Hacks – there’s a couple of useful ones there, especially being able to setup simple ways for people to send you files. Next up Dropbox security hole could let others access your files – while I don’t personally think there’s anything to this, and agree with the assertion that if someone’s got physical access to your machine then you’re pretty much screwed already, it’s probably worth reading if you’re a Dropbox user so you know what people are talking...

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Gmail adds new stuff

Some new features and fixed annoyances to distract you from your eroding privacy while your email is harvested and archived: Custom background images – first we had themes, and now backdrops. Gmail Can Now Stop Auto-Saving Contacts, Fixes Other Small-But-Crucial Things – some minor revisions, but not saving the name of every single person you ever email is welcomed. Tags: Google

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End Unboxing Videos

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Understanding JavaScript’s delete

Understanding delete is a guide containing everything you could ever need to know about the ‘delete’ operator in JavaScript. It’s a long read, but odds are if you’re needing to use delete in your JavaScript then it’s probably important that you use it correctly. Tags: JavaScript

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Ed Brill is living a Microsoft free life!

Ed Brill lives a Microsoft free life. I'm successful in both business and personal life without any influence from Redmond. This is an interesting quote, because based on the historical contents of Ed Brill’s website you might find that claim about there being ‘no influence’ to be a little bit misleading! Irony is always funny. Tags: IBM, Lotus, Notes/Domino

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Are colour blind gamers left out?

Are colour blind gamers left out – all the examples in the article are related to FPS games but I’ve seen a fair few driving games which have similar issues. In one driving game I was wondering why I was having such a hard time with the corners, until a friend standing next to me said “You see when the things on the road change from green to orange, it means a corner is coming up” – NO, NO I DID NOT SEE THAT! Tags: Gaming

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Ditto Clipboard Manager

Ditto – clipboard managers are something I tend to need once in a blue moon, and I usually end up thinking about them after copying a blank line over the top of the previous item I was transferring. Oops. Ditto is an extension to the standard windows clipboard. It saves each item placed on the clipboard allowing you access to any of those items at a later time. Ditto allows you to save any type of information that can be put on the clipboard, text, images, html, custom formats

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7 tips to be productive when working from home

Seriously, isn’t this same list posted pretty much every few months? 7 tips to be productive when working from home isn’t anything new, more that it’s something home workers can flick through and get to the closing paragraphs. “It takes a lot of discipline and responsibility to be productive when working from home” – yes it does, but it’s worth it.

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Support New Zealand made–invest in jetpacks!

WANT TO INVEST IN A JET PACK COMPANY? Just doing my bit to support New Zealand made. Maybe one day we’ll have something to show future man other than what we’re having for breakfast.

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Avoid Frequent Discharges to Extend Your Phone or Laptop’s Battery Life

People spread a lot of information about smartphone and laptop batteries these days, but we get a lot of mixed messages, some of which are just incorrect. Here's how to take care of your battery for the best battery life possible. So, you can read the comments here for even more mixed messages. Irony is always funny. Tags: Gadgets

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Blame It on the Generation Yers

Sure, works for me! Gen Yers, born between 1977 and 1997, are characterised by inspiration and passion. I.e. their Mommy told them they could grow up to be anything they want, and they want to be that thing as soon as they pop out of school without doing the hard yards.

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Internet probe can track you down to within 690 metres–Sarah Connor gives up

Internet probe can track you down to within 690 metres – Skynet rejoices! It’s interesting that a large part of the work here was done in China – can you say “state sponsored”?

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Aka why I turned off location services – Creepy is a geolocation information aggregator. Looking back I can’t quite tell you why I left location services on in the first place. In the context of a single tweet they seem fairly innocuous but when the information is so easy to roll up and place on a map the context changes very quickly.

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World Bank: gold farming (etc) paid poor countries $3B in 2009

A research arm of the World Bank has produced a comprehensive report on the size of the grey-market virtual world economy in developing countries -- gold farming, power-levelling, object making and so on -- and arrived at a staggering $3 billion turnover in 2009. They go on to recommend that poor countries be provided with network access and computers so this economy can be built up -- a slightly weird idea, given how hostile most game companies are to this sort of thing. Kind of staggering (even if one has to wonder how they came...

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Post Quake Christchurch skating

Some awesome footage.

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The moral of the story is…

…I don’t know. Because if a company that deals in security products such as RSA can be owned by Flash exploits delivered via Excel then what can you say? I thought that RSA had claimed the breach was a result of an advanced persistent threat (APT) – but really it wouldn’t have gone too far without the first bit of human error: The hackers who breached RSA last month snuck in using a booby-trapped Excel file labelled ‘2011 Recruitment Plan’ that was emailed to low-level staff, according to the EMC security division.  ...

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Dubstep Xpertz

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