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New and Interesting in Web Development this week

Want to know what was popular in the world of web development this week? Look no further – here’s a weekly round up of 10 of the most popular items posted this week. Print Loves Web (Monday May 23 2011, 428 tweets) Better Image Management With WordPress (Thursday May 26 2011, 383 tweets) Building An Effective ‘Coming Soon’ Page For Your Product (Tuesday May 24 2011, 326 tweets) Introduction to DNS: Explaining The Dreaded DNS Delay (Wednesday May 25 2011, 220 tweets) Quick Tip: Create Cross-Browser Datepickers in Minutes (Tuesday May 24 2011, 181 tweets)...

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Rift–$5 collectors edition upgrade this weekend

If you’re playing Rift and don’t already have the collectors edition, then you might be interested in the $5 upgrade going on this weekend. Basically get yourself a turtle for cheap! Don’t settle for the average Ascended experience. Travel Telara in style with a speedy mount, a unique Lifetouched pet, and more space for your wondrous wares (for all of your characters). The RIFT Digital Collector’s Edition upgrade includes these exclusive in-game items that enhance your adventures. Tags: Gaming

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JSONSelect is an experimental selector language for JSON. Apparently it feels like CSS – I hope that doesn’t mean it performs differently across browsers for random reasons. Still, interesting. Although I’d love to see LinqToJSON – anyone? Tags: Web Development

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Sorry VB, I forgot your birthday

Happy 20th birthday Visual Basic – VB turned 20 on May the 20th. Eek.

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UFC Kinect Trainer

I’m interested to see if this ends up being a bit more motivating than the other Kinect fitness titles.

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Best Vehicle to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Best Vehicle to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse – the original post calls this a car, but this thing ain’t a car, it’s a work of art.

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How to find startup ideas that make money

How to find startup ideas that make money – this is mostly common sense, but it’s well articulated here.

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Why ASP.NET MVC is different than Classic ASP

Why ASP.NET MVC is different than Classic ASP – come on, if you’ve worked with MVC you probably asked this at some point, right? Tags: ASP.NET, MVC

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Deploy ASP.NET MVC 3 to Windows Azure

From the files of things that might be useful in future - Step by step instructions to deploy ASP.NET MVC 3 to Windows Azure.

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Inspiration for your next PowerPoint presentation

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Become a corporate whore on Facebook, yay

You Can Now Whore Yourself Out by Tagging Products and Corporate Pages on Facebook – while I can see there’s some potential for this to be a positive thing for small business or manufacturers of niche products, mostly it sounds like an incredibly bad idea. Not that it matters as clickjacking is hopefully going to kill off Facebook in a few months, right? I hope so.

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Complaint to FTC alleges “Dropbox Lied to Users About Data Security”

Dropbox Lied to Users About Data Security, Complaint to FTC Alleges – probably worth reading if you’re a Dropbox user, decide for yourself if you feel lied to or not.

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SETI Institute to shut down alien-seeking radio dishes

SETI Institute to shut down alien-seeking radio dishes – I remember back around 1999 when a single SETI unit took about 12-14 hours to run on computers of the time. Aaah the good old days.

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Vegan Black Metal Chef–Growling his way through Pad Thai!

Tags: Vegan

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jQuery Image Scroller Plugin

jQuery Image Scroller Plugin is a neat effect that’s useful for navigating larger images. Jump straight to the demo to see it in action – it’s the sort of thing that’s going to work really well in specific situations, and not at all in others. Tags: jQuery, JavaScript, Web Development

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“Why I run a flat company”

Why I run a flat company – definitely worth a read for anyone who runs or wants to run a small business. Keeping things flat can be a positive thing, but isn’t without its pitfalls.

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PrettyCheckboxes makes checkboxes and radio buttons pretty! Yes, really! Surprise! I’ve played around trying to do something similar with a previous script, and have to say that the prettyCheckboxes solution looks a lot cleaner (although it still feels like a bad idea, and something you should only do if you really have to imho). Tags: JavaScript, Web Development

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Microjs.com contains a load of “micro” JavaScript frameworks. Useful if you’re trying to do something simple and need a lightweight solution rather than a full framework. It’s quite surprising how many of these there are. Tags: JavaScript

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Not a bad setup

Pixels, so many pixels! Jeg liker dette! Tags: Apple

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Funny how quickly perceptions change

While reading about the new iMacs I noticed a rather amusing little line describing Bootcamp: Boot Camp is Apple's software that allows users to install Windows 7 on their Intel-based Mac. It’s kind of amusing and reassuring that Windows 7 is the only choice when it comes to Windows versions, and that it didn’t take too long for this to happen. Tags: Apple, Microsoft, Windows

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SW:TOR–Sith Warrior Progression

Sith Warrior Progression – another of the trailer videos giving people want to see, glowy sticks!

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