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New and Interesting for this week (and a bit of last week)

11 Tools to Instantly Code Faster (Web Development, Posted Tuesday August 23 2011, 1258 Tweets, 0 Facebook likes) USB-Powered Vibrator With 8GB Storage (Gadgets and Technology, Posted Tuesday August 16 2011, 52 Tweets, 512 Facebook likes) Steve’s Greatest Hits (Gadgets and Technology, Posted Thursday August 25 2011, 139 Tweets, 417 Facebook likes) R2-D2 Home Planetarium is the Droid You’re Looking For (Gadgets and Technology, Posted Saturday August 20 2011, 11 Tweets, 541 Facebook likes) Freebie: Responsive jQuery Slider Plugin Flexslider (Web Development, Posted Wednesday August 24 2011, 460 Tweets, 40 Facebook likes) New Approaches To...

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FlexSlider–a responsive jQuery Slider Plugin

Responsive jQuery Slider Plugin Flexslider – the world is hardly lacking in options when it comes to jQuery image sliders, but this one looks like it’s worth a look if you’re trying to pick a slider for your next project. Plus, cupcakes! For those lacking attention, you can skip straight to the demo here. Tags: jQuery, JavaScript

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Daily Darker Me

Start your day with a dose of Darker Me. Insanity wolf on Glee Vampires sucked blood

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Snow on Cuba Mall in Wellington (HD)

A nice video that only city dwelling New Zealanders will appreciate. It’s funny watching the smiles and bemused looks on people’s faces – when I was in Norway in February and there was about 1000 times this amount of snow I can assure you there’s much less smiling going on!

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Aside – the world’s first magazine made with only HTML5

If you have an iPad, check it out here: http://asidemag.com/ It’s pretty cool, but the iPad 2 seems to struggle a little bit in rendering it.. maybe it’s being designed for the iPad 3.

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Hipster Ipsum – Artisanal filler text for your site or project

Lorem Ipsum is pretty boring, so why not give Hipster Ipsum a try? Need a sample? Leggings single-origin coffee you probably haven't heard of them, mustache synth mixtape blog. Sartorial readymade keffiyeh whatever, salvia raw denim terry richardson wolf master cleanse wayfarers lomo american apparel. You probably haven't heard of them skateboard Austin, vegan blog whatever trust fund. Lo-fi mustache thundercats messenger bag, butcher cosby sweater locavore jean shorts marfa. Mustache put a bird on it aesthetic VHS. Beard ethical trust fund fanny pack, irony food truck messenger bag. Vinyl lo-fi terry richardson quinoa. ...

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New and Interesting this week – Happy 30th birthday to the PC!

Review Of Cross-Browser Testing Tools (Web Development, Posted Sunday August 7 2011, 620 Tweets, 108 Facebook likes) Google+ Update Adds Emulated iPad Support, More (Apple Mac/iPhone/iPod, Posted Monday August 8 2011, 319 Tweets) Apple offers buyback program for old iPhone, iPad, Macs (Apple Mac/iPhone/iPod, Posted Wednesday August 10 2011, 199 Tweets, 0 Facebook likes) Welcome to the Cloud - "Your Apple ID has been disabled." (.NET, Posted Friday August 12 2011, 159 Tweets, 0 Facebook likes) Survey Finds Smartphone Apps Store Too Much Personal Data (Information Security, Posted Monday August 8 2011, 132 Tweets, 30 Facebook...

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Hoes in different area codes, although not quite like Nate Dogg

Hungarian fun with a pool and a backhoe.

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Slow motion skateboarding slams / bails / falls (1000 fps)

It seems that if you don’t want to bail as a modern day skateboarder then you should avoid attempting kickflips or disaster variants.

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New London 2012 logo

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New and Interesting this week–the laugh at the US government edition

Apple's $76B in cash reserves surpasses US government operating balance (Apple Mac/iPhone/iPod, Posted Friday July 29 2011, 1165 Tweets, 8 Facebook likes) New High-Quality Free Fonts (Web Development, Posted Tuesday August 2 2011, 577 Tweets, 292 Facebook likes) Skype for iPad Hits the App Store (Apple Mac/iPhone/iPod, Posted Tuesday August 2 2011, 319 Tweets, -1 Facebook likes) NI Announces Guitar Rig 5, Kontakt 5, More (Apple Mac/iPhone/iPod, Posted Monday August 1 2011, 319 Tweets, -1 Facebook likes) Researchers Say Vulnerabilities Could Let Hackers Spring Prisoners From Cells (Information Security, Posted Friday July 29 2011, 227 Tweets,...

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Diablo III Hands-On Preview - Real Money in a Virtual World

Diablo III looks fun. No commentary required - check the video and have a read of the article and see what you think. Diablo III Hands-On Preview - Real Money in a Virtual World (Gamespot) Tags: MMORPG, Gaming

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Remove Windows Live Last Name–Updated for June 2011

Again, the short version – do exactly the same as before except use “left right mark” instead of the previous non breaking space.

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