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January 2013 Entries

When a huge audience isn’t enough: how Punch Quest tweaked a free-to-play economy into profitability

When a huge audience isn’t enough: how Punch Quest tweaked a free-to-play economy into profitability – a good read on pricing options for iOS game developers. Also contains some good thoughts and comments about doing IAP “right”.

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That’s interesting.

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Missing making mixtapes

  For those of you who miss mixtapes, and the art of making and giving them.

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adidas Skateboarding New York City

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Diablo 3 PvP delays

Speaking of Diablo 3 and DPS, a recently posted update mentions delays to D3's planned PvP. While 1v1 is probably worth a look, it was more the team deathmatches which sounded interesting. Of course, that was until I stopped and remembered I don’t actually know anyone playing D3 anymore, so it was never going to fly for me anyway! Still, I’m interested to see what this ends up looking like, and whether there’s a place for the non hardcore (in terms of player skill/time sink, not perma-death sense) player to get anything out of this. Tags: MMORPG

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2012 JavaScript developer survey

2012 JavaScript developer survey – some interesting metrics/summaries and information contained within. Worth a peek if you develop using JavaScript (and these days, doesn’t everyone in some form or another?). Tags: JavaScript

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WoW/D3 FPS issues

Things like this aren’t going to do much to help gaming take any sort of hold on Macs: How to recreate the MBP Retina low FPS issue One day everything is working fine, next both games appear to be pretty much unplayable. The fix is pretty simple (reset the SMC chip) however the time taken to troubleshoot things was pretty frustrating. I’ve actually had an issue with the SMC chip needing a restart on my previous laptop, so it seems this sort of thing is fairly common. My original title for this post was “DPS issues” which was...

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