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October 2013 Entries

Younger Than The iPad 2

Younger Than The iPad 2 – there’s a bit of blah blah in this post, but it still makes a valid point, that the iPad2 is still a usable device (hey I have one and still use it, and would only be upgrading for the reason of having something new and shiny). Tags: Apple

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13 and 15 Inch MacBook Pro Teardown - Pray They Never Fail

Probably the sort of thing that’s good to know before you go out and buy one of the new Retina MBPs, they horrible to repair, so pray they never fail. Tags: Apple

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Browser Stats for the Third Quarter of 2013

The browser stats for the third quarter of 2013 are interesting reading. IE is still holding the lion’s share out there, and the % of IE6 is reducing, even if it’s not as fast as some might like.

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Async File Uploads in MVC 4

ASync File Uploads in MVC4 – handy reference for anyone needing to do file uploads, includes a sample project. Tags: ASP.NET, MVC

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